PowerTCP Mail for .NET

Improves SMIME compatibility with mail clients.
April 08, 2020 - 11:52
New Version


  • Compatibility improvement, added support to decode single digit day of month on date time values store in content-disposition.
  • Compatibility improvement, added an additional SecureEncrypt overload to MailMessage to allow the SubjectIdentifierType to be specified which can improve SMIME compatibility with mail clients. For example using AES encryption with Mozilla Thunderbird requires that SubjectIdentifierType.SubjectIdentifierKey to be used.


  • Fixed an issue where Base64 encoded attachments would fail to decode if the mail line length was set to something not divisible by four.
  • Fixed an instance where quoted filenames could fail to decode correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where names specified in content-type headers would fail to decode if they contained a semi-colon followed by white space.
PowerTCP Mail for .NET

PowerTCP Mail for .NET

Add email, messaging, encoding and decoding to your desktop or Web applications.

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