Infragistics Ultimate UI for Windows Forms 19.2 Build 19.2.20192.302

Improves Grid, Editor and GanttView controls.
April 08, 2020 - 14:11
New Version



  • StackOverflowException thrown when initializing TabGroup panes.
  • Context menu does not open on child form header.


  • Line alignment aligns when the parent is clicked.
  • Insert image is missing.


  • IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown when loading an xls file that doesn't have any FONT records.


  • UltraWinExplorerBar image options do not change from the context menu

Formatted TextEditor

  • Setting the Customized Resouce String for the Raw Text Context Menu doesn't not change the text of the items in the context menu.


  • Different menu item behavior in DNF and NC 3.1.
  • Context menu opens in the middle of the app with Shift F10.
  • Hotkeys do not work in DNF with Shift F10.


  • When column has a spell checker set and typing a long value the input doesn't follow the inputted text so you can't see what is being input.
  • Arrow keys don't work to modify value to the right of the decimal place.
  • Filtering doesn't filter out records if the column's bound data is of DateTime type.
  • FilterConditions in the CustomFilter dialog are not reflected in the filter dialog.
  • Redundant designer serialization of UltraGridColumn.Header.Editor = null for every column.
  • Filtered-in records are none or not all of the selected data if the column's bound data is of Double type and if more than two items are selected in the filter dialog.
  • Filter check mark disappears when 3 items are selected.
  • Not in condition does not filter out.


  • Embedded fonts in a PDF report are not displayed when using Mac Preview or iOS Safari to view the document.


  • License error when trying to put a 19.2 Spreadsheet on a form in DEBUG build.
  • Context menu does not open when cell is in edit mode.

TabbedMdi Manager

  • ArgumentException in TabbedMdiManager in NC 3.0.
Infragistics Ultimate UI for Windows Forms

Infragistics Ultimate UI for Windows Forms

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