Kendo UI R1 2020 SP2

Barcode, Chart, and Gauge components now take device pixel ratio into account when rendering to canvas.
April 8, 2020
New Version


  • The following components now take device pixel ratio into account when rendering to canvas
    • Barcode.
    • Chart.
    • Linear Gauge.
    • QRCode.
    • Radial Gauge.
    • Sparkline.
    • StockChart.


  • ComboBox
    • Combobox change event is triggered 2 times when tab is used and opens on focus.
    • ComboBox is not cleared in cascaded scenario and enabled server filtering.
  • ContextMenu
    • Kendo ContextMenu prevents showing browser's default context menu on other elements.
  • DateRangePicker
    • DateRangePicker keeps selection highlighted after clearing value.
  • Drawer
    • Missing TypeScript definitions for Kendo Drawer.
  • DropDownTree
    • Clicking on DropDownTree's checkAll checkbox does not check all items in IE and Edge.
    • DropDownTree's dropdown remains opened on blurring the widget with Tab
  • Editor
    • Required model validation is not working with Kendo().EditorFor.
  • Excel Export
    • XLSX export functionality adds redundant customHeight to the sheetFormatPr.
  • FileManager
    • Security Improvements.
  • Grid
    • Search panel message cannot be customized.
    • Resize handle is dispositioned in RTL mode.
    • Grid Column virtualization is not working when using non-pixel unit for width.
  • MultiSelect
    • MultiSelect deselect event does not fire when the selection is cleared in single tagMode.
  • MVVM
    • Missing TypeScript definition for binders in
  • Scheduler
    • Recurring events are not rendered correctly, when Scheduler timezone and events' start/endTimezone are different.
    • Scheduler does not show all event occurrences when `BYDAY=1MO,1TU,1WE,1TH,1FR` rule is used.
    • Month view filters incorrectly recurring events split between two dates.
  • Slider
    • Displaced labels of Slider with decimal values.
  • Spreadsheet
    • Spreadsheet's doesn't work if the passed cells' range is outside the currently visible area.
    • Attributes could not be set for Custom tools in the Spreadsheet ToolBar.
  • Timeline
    • Horizontal Timeline with empty source throws an error.
  • TreeList
    • Footer Template not rendered when TreeList has Multi-Column Headers.
    • Height of locked content in TreeList not calculated correctly with jQuery 3.4.1.
    • Search panel message cannot be customized.
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