SpreadJS 13.1

Adds the ability to sort data based on customized requirements.
April 24, 2020 - 13:55
New Version


  • Chart Series LineType is now supported which allows users to customize the line type of data series in a chart.
  • Various detailed rendering options on Sparklines are provided. The Bullet, Hbar, Vbar and Pareto Sparklines can be customized using these additional options.
  • Users can select multiple worksheets and apply hide or delete operations on them.
  • Hyperlink is supported where users can link any relevant information on a webpage, any range in the workbook or even send an email.
  • Selection of multiple list items is now supported.
  • Percentage format now automatically adds a % sign in cells.
  • PDF files can now be exported from spreadsheets in black and white.
  • Custom sorting is supported which allows users to sort data based on their customized requirements.
  • Formulas in cells can now be viewed using ShowFormulas property. Using this, users can view as well as copy formulas to the clipboard from SpreadJS.
  • AutoSum functions are now supported in the Designer to calculate the range of cells on which it is to be applied, automatically.
  • New RangeChanged event added to the SpreadJS API. This is fired when a delete, drag drop or paste operation is executed on a table.
  • Automatic expansion of tables is supported.
  • The operation to insert cut or copied cells is now supported.
  • Dirty cell state is now supported which changes a cell state to dirty when its value is changed.
  • Format String is now supported which allows users to set the values and formulas in a cell at the same time. Using this feature, users can display numeric values as words, format a long display string and much more.
  • Scrolling by pixel via code is now supported. Users can traverse to a specific viewport or to cells containing desired data in a spreadsheet containing large amount of data.
  • Chart Hidden row and column settings are now supported.
  • Ellipsis or Tips for Cell Overflow is now supported to display ellipsis when the cell content is longer than the column width. Also, the tips are displayed when the cell with ellipsis is hovered upon to show the complete content of cell.
  • Date Axis is now supported in charts which allows users to configure dates on category axis by configuring it as date (time-scale) axis.
  • Data Driven Shapes with Property Formulas are now supported which allow users to create dynamic shapes whose properties are evaluated through the expressions defined in the sheet, another shape or a data source.
  • SpreadJS supports [$-ja-JP-x-gannen] formatter.
  • Charts displaying #N/A cells as blank cells are now supported.
  • TableRowsChanged and TableColumnsChanged events added to SpreadJS API to handle add or delete operations of table rows or columns with added support for undo.
  • The document properties of a file are now retained while importing or exporting through SpreadJS.
  • Compatibility Flag added to SpreadJS to match calculation results with Microsoft Excel.
  • DBNum4 Formatter pattern is supported in Korean culture.
  • SpreadJS Designer now supports "Add current selection to filter" option in the filter dialog.
  • 'Calculate on demand' option is now available in SpreadJS Designer to enhance the calculation process.
  • SpreadJS Designer supports Apple macOS Catalina.
  • Vue samples have been updated to latest CLI 3.
  • The latest version of React is supported.
Sort data based on customized requirements


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