DevExpress Office File API 20.1.3

Adds the ability to apply multiple signatures to a PDF document.
May 04, 2020 - 13:40
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PDF Document API

  • Multiple Document Signatures - The PDF Document API allows you to apply multiple signatures to a document.
  • Signature Timestamps - With this release, you can now add a timestamp to a signature.

Spreadsheet Document API

  • XML Spreadsheet 2003 Format Support - The Spreadsheet Document API and WinForms / WPF Spreadsheet controls now support the XML Spreadsheet 2003 file format. You can load and save documents using this format as needed.
  • PDF Export Enhancements - The Spreadsheet's export to PDF feature is now faster and produces a more precise layout. For backward compatibility, turn on the SpreadsheetCompatibilityOptions.EnableLegacyPdfExport option.
  • Print Layout Enhancements - You can now calculate the layout of a printed document more accurately. The resulting printout closely mirrors the print output of Microsoft Excel. For backward compatibility, use the SpreadsheetCompatibilityOptions.EnableLegacyPrintLayout option.
  • Calculation Accuracy - Significantly improved calculation accuracy for comparison operators and the following built-in functions:
    • ROUND, ROUNDUP, ROUNDDOWN, FLOOR (number rounding now replicates Microsoft Excel).
    • Date and time functions (WEEKNUM, YEARFRAC, DATEDIF, NETWORKDAYS.INTL).
    • Mathematical functions (SUM and AVERAGE).
    • Financial functions (EFFECT).

Word Processing Document API

  • Wrap Text Around a Table - The Word Processing Document API now allows you to change text wrapping around tables, table alignment and offset in code.
  • Footnotes and Endnotes - The Word Processing Document API supports footnotes and endnotes. New API allows you to access and edit notes in code. Documents with notes can be printed and exported to PDF.
  • Shape API Enhancements - You can now create any type of shape and:
    • Group shapes.
    • Change a shape’s fill, outline and position settings.
    • Remove shapes from a document.
  • Character Properties Enhancements - Now offers the following character spacing options:
    • Spacing.
    • Horizontal Scale.
    • Position.
    • Kerning.
  • Custom XML - The Word Processing Document API and WinForms / WPF Rich Text Editors allow you to store custom XML data in DOCX and DOC documents. You can create, edit and remove custom XML in code.
Adds the ability to apply multiple signatures to a PDF document

DevExpress Office File API

Read and write Excel and Word files, create and edit PDF documents, generate barcodes and compressed archives.

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