DevExtreme 20.1.3

Data Grid adds Excel Export API.
May 04, 2020 - 14:49
New Version


New Diagram

  • 40+ Customizable and Scalable Shapes (including OrgChart shapes).
  • Collapsible Shape Containers.
  • Custom Shapes.
  • Bind to External Data.
  • Straight and Right-Angle Diagram Connectors.
  • Load / Save Diagram in the JSON Format.
  • Export to SVG, PNG and JPEG.
  • Auto Layout.
  • Templates.
  • Full Screen and Simple View Modes.
  • Read-Only Mode.
  • Configurable Page Settings.
  • UI Customization.
  • Support for Mobile Devices.
  • DevExpress Themes.
  • Localization.

New File Manager

  • Configurable and Modular File System Providers.
  • File and Folder Editing.
  • Upload / Download Files.
  • Thumbnail and Details view modes.
  • Selection.
  • Progress and Status UI.
  • Toolbar and Context Menu.
  • File Upload Validation.
  • Responsive UI.
  • Touch Support.
  • Localization.

New Gantt

  • Data Binding.
  • Task, Dependency and Resource Management.
  • Change History.
  • Task Dependency and Parent/Child Relationship Validation.
  • Time Highlighting.
  • Context Menu and Toolbar.
  • Scroll and Zoom.
  • Configurable Task Appearance.
  • Localization.

Data Grid

  • New Export to Microsoft Excel API - This update marks the official release of the new Export to Excel API (based on the ExcelJS library). Features include:
    • Customize Individual Cells via customizeCell Callback.
    • Column Band Export.
    • Cell Text Alignment, Wrapping and Font Settings.
    • DataGrid's Column Format Support.
    • Cell Image Export.
    • Excel-Inspired Column Filter.
    • Export Status Panel.

Data Grid and Tree List

  • Remote Validation Support - Extended Asynchronous Validation Rule support in DataGrid/TreeList cells when using row and batch edit modes.

Data Visualization

  • Custom Position of Chart Axes - You can now specify the X/Y offset for axes origin.
  • Polar Chart Annotations - The Polar Chart now includes annotation support.


  • Hourly Repeating Events - DevExtreme Scheduler can now use hours to specify repeat intervals for an event (such as an event that repeats every 4 hours).
  • Adaptivity Enhancements - The DevExtreme Scheduler's Appointment Form was redesigned to better match screen size.
  • API Enhancements - This release includes a new 'allowEditingTimeZones' option. You no longer need to implement a custom 'onAppointmentFormOpening' event handler.

HTML/Markdown Editor

  • Multi-line Toolbar - You can now display HTMLEditor toolbar items across multiple lines. Turn-off the 'toolbar.multiline' option to disable this new option.

UI Widgets

  • TreeView - Selection API Enhancements
    • getSelectedNodes - gets selected nodes.
    • getSelectedNodeKeys - gets selected node keys.
  • TreeView - Scrolling API Enhancements - The new 'scrollToItem' method allows you to scroll to a specified TreeView node.

React Components

  • Authentication UI Template - Extended our Login Form template with a new Sign Up, Reset/Change Password form template. Also implemented corresponding client-side API so you can integrate our forms with your backend authentication API.
  • Native React Scheduler - Resources and Grouping - Added resource support to our DevExtreme React Scheduler. Assign resources to appointments and visualize appointments grouped by resources or by dates.
  • Native React Grid - Export to Excel - You can now export the contents of the DevExtreme React Grid to Excel (including options to configure formatting).
  • Native React Grid - Scroll To Row - Introduced a new API that allows you to scroll DevExtreme React Grid content to a specific row.
Data Grid adds to Excel Export API

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