DevExpress WinForms 20.1.3

Adds the ability to calculate total summaries for selected rows.
May 04, 2020 - 15:01
New Version


.Net Core 5 Compatibility

  • Support for both .NET 5.0 Preview 1 and .NET 5.0 Preview 2. All WinForms products are fully compatible with .NET 5.

Appium / WinAppDriver Support

  • DevExpress WinForms controls are fully compatible with WinAppDriver. You can use Appium to create UI tests for your application.

New Step Progress Bar

  • The new WinForms Step Progress Bar visualizes a linear process and highlights its current stage.

Data Grid

  • Row Hot Track - Added an EnableAppearanceHotTrackedRow option to table views. Hot-tracked row uses appearance settings applied to HotTrackedRow.
  • Kanban Board Enhancements (TileView)
    • Tile Auto-height (dynamic tile heights) support. You can enable auto-height mode for certain tile template rows to display lengthy text or large images. To limit the number of visible text lines, use the new MaxLineCount option.
    • A Kanban group can display a button at the bottom. You can specify button text and visibility. Handle the GroupFooterButtonClick event to respond to button clicks.
    • Manual group generation.
    • Ability to display custom buttons within a Kanban group header. Custom buttons can be visible by default or can be displayed when you hover over a group header.
    • Specify the background color of all/individual Kanban groups.
    • TileGroups created manually are not automatically destroyed when users drag all cards away from the group.
  • Calculate Total Summary for Selected Rows - In multiple-row selection mode, the WinForms Data Grid can calculate total summaries for selected data and group rows. Whenever you change selection, the grid automatically updates its summary values. Users can change summary mode via the footer's context menu.
  • Copy to Clipboard Enhancements - With this release, you can obtain selected data during copy operations (applies to both the WinForms Data Grid and the  WinForms TreeList). You can get selected data in the following formats:
    • TXT.
    • RTF.
    • Unicode.
    • CSV.
    • BIFF8.
    • HTML.


  • Calculated Fields - This release includes calculated field support. Calculated fields allow you to apply an expression to data source fields.
  • Edit Annotations at Runtime - End-users can now create text and image annotations via Ribbon commands (Add Text Annotation / Add Image Annotation). If the RuntimeEditing option is enabled, end-users can change existing annotations - edit text and replace images, or delete them via the Delete key.
  • New DateTime Axis Mode - v20.1 includes a new SkipRangesWithoutPoints option. Enable it to automatically exclude all axis ranges without data points. This feature is especially useful for financial charting - you no longer need to manually define non-working date intervals.
  • Constant Lines - Runtime Editing - End-users can now add constant lines via Ribbon commands (Add Vertical Constant Line / Add Horizontal Constant Line). End-users can move a constant line, edit its title, or delete the line (via the Delete key). The new ConstantLineMoved event occurs when a user moves a constant line.
  • Side Points - v20.1 includes the new Side Points chart element. You can configure markers and labels for the first and last series points independent of other series points.
  • Side Margin Enhancements
    • You can specify side margins separately via the new Range.StartSideMargin and Range.EndSideMargin properties.
    • The Range.SideMarginSizeUnit property allows you to specify measurement units used to define side margins.
    • Two options are available - Axis Unit (default) and Axis Range Percentage.


  • Text Tool - The new Text Tool allows you and your users to add text labels to a diagram.
  • DataTable and DataSet Support - The Data Binding and Org Chart controllers now support DataTable and DataSet sources.
  • DirectX Hardware Acceleration - The WinForms Diagram Control can now use DirectX hardware acceleration. With DirectX, your apps will perform at their very best on on High-DPI devices (4K+).
  • Miscellaneous Enhancements
    • Properties Panel Localization support.
    • Ability to draw diagram items outside the Diagram Control (DrawDetachedItem).

Gantt Control

  • Task Dependencies: Types, Lags, and Performance Improvements - The Gantt Control now supports different dependency types: start-to-start, start-to-finish, finish-to-start, and finish-to-finish. If the mouse pointer hovers over a dependency arrow, users can move the dependency from one successor to another or remove the dependency. To create a new dependency, use pointers displayed at a task's edge. To specify dependencies, use a separate data source. A data source record represents a dependency. The record should contain the predecessor, successor, and dependency type. You can also set a time lag between predecessor and successor. If a user moves a predecessor, the control automatically reschedules all its successors with respect to the time lag. Also improved dependency rendering performance for applications that use large amounts of data.
  • Interactive Editing - The WinForms Gantt Control now supports interactive editing. Users can edit tasks in the chart and task areas. In the task area, users can invoke a cell editor to update a task's start/finish date, progress, or duration. In the chart area, users can move a task to a new time slot, update progress, or change a dependency via drag and drop. Changes in the chart area are automatically reflected in the task area, and vice versa.
  • Auto-Scheduling - The WinForms Gantt Control now offers automatic schedule mode support. When a user changes a task's start/finish date, dependency, or progress, the Gantt control automatically reschedules all dependent tasks throughout the project.

Layout and Navigation

  • Stack and Table Panel Enhancements - This release includes enhancements to the WinForms StackPanel and TablePanel containers.
  • Auto-Size - The panels now include auto-size functionality. Panels automatically shrink and expand to fit all nested controls. Use the control's AutoSize and AutoSizeMode.
  • Right-to-left (RTL) layout support.
  • Automatic tab order - The new AutoTabOrder property allows you to automate tab order for controls within panels.
  • Baseline caption alignment. Use the LabelVertAlignment property to vertically align labels relative to controls displayed in adjacent cells.
  • Control row and column visibility within the WinForms TablePanel. Use the Visible property to temporarily hide specific rows and columns.
  • Stack and Table panels now support Per-Monitor v2 DPI Awareness mode.

Map Control

  • MapEllipse - Geodesic Shape Layout - MapEllipse now supports Geodesic shape layout. Also added the MapEllipse.CreateInPixelsByCenter method to create an ellipse based on a center point in Geographical coordinates and pixel dimensions.
  • Vector Tiles - Now supports PBF and MBTiles vector files.
  • Vector Element Layout and SVG Support - New options (rotation angle and SVG image support) extend the capabilities of vector items such as Pushpins and Custom Elements. MapItem ships with a new Tag property.
  • GeoJSON, KMZ, GPX Support - With this release, the Map Control supports new data providers designed to load data from GeoJSON, KMZ, and GPX files.
  • MapSpline - v20.1 includes a new MapSpline vector element. With it, you can draw a spline on your map as needed.

MVVM Enhancements

  • WindowService - allows you to open Views as separate XtraForms, RibbonForms or Flyouts.
  • CurrentWindowService - allows you to manage windows (forms) from the ViewModel layer. Service API allows you to change the form's window state or close any active window.
  • CurrentDialogService - allows you to manage currently open dialogs.

Pivot Grid

  • 'Week-Year' Group Interval.
  • New Summary Types for Server Mode and 'Optimized' Client Mode
    • CountDistinct.
    • Median.
    • Mode.
  • The Expression editor ships with the following new functions:
    • CountDistinct().
    • Median().
    • Mode().
  • Pinned (Fixed) Columns - You can now pin (anchor) column field values to the left / right. Pinned field values are never scrolled horizontally.

Rich Text Editor

  • Wrap Text Around a Table - The Rich Text Editor now allows you to change text wrapping around tables, table alignment and offset in code and via its UI.
  • Footnotes and Endnotes - The WinForms Rich Text Editor supports footnotes and endnotes. New API allows you to access and edit notes in code. Documents with notes can be printed and exported to PDF.
  • Shape API Enhancements - You can now create any type of shape and:
    • Group shapes.
    • Change a shape’s fill, outline and position settings.
    • Remove shapes from a document.
  • Character Properties Enhancements - Includes the following character spacing options:
    • Spacing.
    • Horizontal Scale.
    • Position.
    • Kerning.
  • Custom XML - The Word Processing Document API and WinForms / WPF Rich Text Editors allow you to store custom XML data in DOCX and DOC documents. You can create, edit and remove custom XML in code.


  • Buttons to Show and Hide Resources in Categories - You can now display Show and Hide buttons within a resource category. The Hide button is displayed in a resource header and allows users to close the resource. The Show button is displayed in a category header and allows users to show hidden resources. When clicked, the control displays a pop-up menu and allows users to select/display hidden resources.
  • TimeLine View - Fixed Resource Height and Pixel Scrolling - The WinForms Timeline View includes a new ResourceHeight property. Use it to set fixed resource height and enable pixel scrolling.


  • XML Spreadsheet 2003 Format Support - The Spreadsheet Document API and WinForms / WPF Spreadsheet controls now support the XML Spreadsheet 2003 file format. You can load and save documents using this format as needed.
  • PDF Export Enhancements - The Spreadsheet's export to PDF feature is now faster and produces a more precise layout.
  • Print Layout Enhancements - Now calculate the layout of a printed document more accurately. The resulting printout closely mirrors the print output of Microsoft Excel.
  • Calculation Accuracy - Significantly improved calculation accuracy for comparison operators and the following built-in functions:
    • ROUND, ROUNDUP, ROUNDDOWN, FLOOR (number rounding now replicates Microsoft Excel).
    • Date and time functions (WEEKNUM, YEARFRAC, DATEDIF, NETWORKDAYS.INTL).
    • Mathematical functions (SUM and AVERAGE).
    • Financial functions (EFFECT).


  • Row Hot Track - Set the 'TreeListOptionsSelection.EnableAppearanceHotTrackedRow' property to true, to enable row (node) hot track. Use the HoveredRow property to customize appearance settings.
  • New Item Row - The New Item Row allows an end-user to add new nodes. The New Item Row's context menu allows the end-user to specify whether to add a new node to the root or as a child node. Handle the InitNewRow event to initialize values before the user begins to enter data. You can also customize the appearance and text displayed within the New Item Row.
  • Copy to Clipboard Enhancements - With this release, you can obtain selected data during copy operations (applies to both the WinForms Data Grid and the  WinForms TreeList). You can get selected data in the following formats:
    • TXT.
    • RTF.
    • Unicode.
    • CSV.
    • BIFF8.
    • HTML.
  • Empty Area Menu - The TreeList control now shows a pop-up menu when a user right-clicks an empty region of the control. This menu is initially empty. To populate it with items, handle the PopupMenuShowing event and check whether the menu's HitInfoType is Empty.


  • Fluent Design and Skinned Splash Screens
    • Fluent Splash Screen - a Windows 10-inspired splash screen that features an Acrylic material effect (a partially transparent texture).
    • Skin Splash Screen that auto-adjusts its appearance based on the current skin.
    • You can customize text, image and appearance settings; update content and style settings dynamically; and custom draw the splash screens.
    • Use the new SplashScreenManager.ShowFluentSplashScreen and SplashScreenManager.ShowSkinSplashScreen static methods to display these splash screens.
    • Also revamped the appearance of the default Splash Screen.
  • Radio Group - New options include:
    • FlowLayoutItemHorzIndent.
    • FlowLayoutItemVertIndent.
    • Padding.
  • SuperToolTip Designer Enhancements - To improve its overall user experience and to simplify tooltip design/layout, this release reworks the WinForms SuperToolTip Designer.
  • Image Picker - ImageUri - You can now use the ImageURI picker to access images from all DevExpress image collections - Colored, GrayScale, Office2013, etc.
  • PictureEdit - New API - ImageLoading / ImageSaving - these events allow you to convert images when an end-user opens or saves the image in unsupported file format (e.g. WEBP).
  • SvgImageBox - DirectX Support - The WinForms SvgImageBox can now use DirectX hardware acceleration to render vector images. DirectX improves rendering performance for complex vector image with numerous elements.
  • Custom Draw API for Tab Headers - The WinForms TabbedMDIManager and the DocumentManager's TabbedView now include CustomDrawTabHeader and CustomDrawHeaderButton events so you can manually draw tab headers.
  • XtraMessageBox - Support HtmlImages - You can now use the HTML 'Image' tag to display images in XtraMessageBox messages.
  • XtraMessageBox - 'Do not show this message again' option - To display a 'Do not show this message again' option in a message box, set the 'XtraMessageBoxArgs.DoNotShowAgainCheckBoxVisible' property to true.
  • ToolTipController - SVG Images - Hints can now display vector images.
  • Filter Control - Tooltips for Custom Functions - The WinForms Filter Control now shows tooltips for custom functions. When you create a custom function class, use the ICustomFunctionOperatorBrowsable.Description property to specify a tooltip.
  • Filter Control - Integrated Search.
  • Overlay Enhancements
  • Overlay forms now support a new animation type - Semi-Transparent Dotted Line.
  • Ability to specify the image (wait indicator) size (ImageSize).
  • Wizard Control - New HyperLinkClick Event - Use a new HyperLinkClick event to handle clicks on links.
Adds the ability to calculate total summaries for selected rows

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