FlexGanttFX v11.12.0

Adds ability to change a row height interactively via the row headers.
May 21, 2020 - 8:15
New Version


  • Started using system cursors for editing operations in the graphics area. For example Cursor.E_RESIZE to change the end time of an activity. "Old" cursors are still there and can be enabled by calling RowCanvasBehaviour.useCustomCursors().
  • Added ability to resize a row / change a row height interactively via the row headers. This gives the user the same ability for resizing as available in the row headers of the tree table.
  • Consolidated license keys for Java 8 and Java 11+ version of FlexGanttFX. The versions 11.12.x and 8.12.x will now be usable with the same key.
  • Moved the timezone label from the dateline to the timeline, as it was not working anymore in combination with a dateline buffer > 0.
  • Removed support for dateline scrolling events. These events could not be produced correctly anymore after introducing the dateline buffer concept. Added new "visible time interval" read-only property on Timeline, which can be used instead.
  • Enhanced RadarView's performance. Also added auto-redraw upon activity changes.


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