.netCHARTING 10.0

Adds new modern style across all chart types.
June 16, 2020 - 11:28
New Version


  • Complete Styling Redesign - Charts have a new modern visual style, across all chart types, with no special settings required. Legacy chart visuals can also be maintained with a single LegacyMode property setting applied for a given chart or an entire application making it simple to roll out style enhancements exactly as you require.
  • Spline Tension Control - The spline tension option has been added to JavaScript charts.
  • Axis Tick Label Auto-Wrapping - JavaScript charts will automatically wrap Y axis tick labels when they are too long. They will also wrap on the X axis if possible before angling.
  • First and Last Point Settings - JavaScript chart setting Series.firstPoint and Series.lastPoint can be used to specify options only for those points.
  • Superimpose Visuals - JavaScript Microcharts can now be wrapped inside an absolute tag which allows overlapping several visuals such as sparklines. This provides a more in-depth expression of data inside charts such as calendars.
  • Improved Auto Tooltip Text - The JavaScript chart automatic tooltips have been improved to automatically provide more useful and relevant information depending on the chart type and data that is shown.
New modern chart style


Display large amounts of dynamically generated chart data quickly and easily.

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