TeamCity 2020.1.1

.NET runner now supports custom commands.
June 25, 2020 - 9:34
New Version


  • Password fields are no longer convertible to textfields as it exposes the password in plain text.
  • Expanded ANSI coloring support to include 256 color set.
  • Added new build page: dark mode for build logs.
  • Added disk usage metric into /app/metrics exposed by TeamCity.
  • Added Sticky Header for build log page.
  • .NET runner now supports custom commands.
  • Added the ability to allow you to redefine cache location with a startup/internal property.
  • Slack notifier - Added verbose messages for 'Notifications' build feature.
  • TeamCity agent Docker images now have an extra tag - linux-sudo. The linux-sudo image is most convenient for running Docker within Docker and installing additional software during the build.


A solution for continuous integration and build management.

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