PACE Suite 5.5

Adds enhanced support of MSIX, management of INI files, AppSearch, signing MSI, group operations and more.
June 29, 2020 - 13:29
New Version


  • MSIX runtime fixes (PSF)
    Apply the pre-defined and custom MSIX runtime fixes to the repackaged app just in few clicks. In addition, you can run PowerShell scripts before and after the application start to configure environment inside the MSIX container.
  • System searches
    Use system searches (AppSearch) to look for existing files/folders, registry data, INI content or installed components on the target system during installation.
  • INI files editor
    In addition to the existing Files and folders tab, the new INI entries sub-view is focused to work only with INI files. Rapidly find all the INI files of your package in one place and use the new INI editor to easily add/edit INI key-value pairs that are grouped under the INI sections. The INI files import has several options to store the file content. It also displays the detected invalid INI files as well.
  • Signing your MSI packages
    Generate a self-signed certificate in one click for testing purposes. Infopulse have also prepared a list of time stamping servers allowing signatures to be verifiable even after the certificates have expired.
  • Feature resources
    Find out what files, registry and other resources will be installed by the components of each feature. The resources are displayed in the separate new view.
  • Export & replace files
    With the new Export file and Replace file functions in the context menu, extract specific file from the internal/external CAB and save it where you need or replace the selected file in the package in a few clicks.
  • Permission settings
    If the default permission settings do not meet your corporate packaging standards, you can change them in the new view. Set names of the security template and database files, override database, logging and silent options.
  • Group operations
    With PACE Suite you can edit your packages faster than before. Group operations has been added for managing resources in the Package Designer of MSI Editor. Now you can select many files, located at different places, and move them to one folder at once. You can also move/remove many components at in one go. Multi-select and group operations work for all resources that are presented in the Package Designer.
PACE Suite INI files editor.

PACE Suite

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