Oxygen Content Fusion V3.0

Adds the ability to view changes in a side-by-side visual diff tool.
July 06, 2020 - 14:18
New Version


  • Review History - Each edit within a review task is now recorded. Using the link displayed in the activity stream, you can see what changes were made by each user. The changes are presented using a side-by-side visual comparison tool.
  • Inspect History Using Git Tools - A task owner now has the ability to download the contents of a task as a Git repository and inspect the change history using Git-aware tools. Ultimately, it can be used as a remote Git repository to integrate changes into your local copy.
  • Securely Assign Tasks to Specific Collaborators - You can now control exactly who has access to a review task without sacrificing usability. You can invite collaborators who do not already have a Content Fusion account just by entering their email address.
  • Redesigned Task List - The My Tasks page was redesigned with a two-column layout, making it easier to locate and access both tasks assigned to you and tasks you created.
  • Updated Oxygen XML Web Author - The visual editor that is based on Oxygen XML Web Author was updated to version 22.1.0, which contains numerous editing, performance, and security improvements.
View changes in a side-by-side visual diff tool

Oxygen Content Fusion

Web collaboration for XML documentation review workflows.

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