SpreadJS 13.2.0

Maintenance release includes over 50 enhancements.
July 24, 2020 - 13:20
New Version


  • New API member allowRotate is provided for shape rotation.
  • New API member showHandle is provided to hide shape outline and handles.
  • Unsupported charts can be preserved when imported from other file formats.
  • Supports sorting with grouped data.
  • Displays a warning dialog when data is copied in a non-continued cell range.
  • Chart is updated when values in named range countif are updated.
  • Supports sorting by skipping data in hidden rows.
  • The maximum and minimum zoom limit can be set.
  • Zoomed picture can be exported to Microsoft Excel correctly.
  • Customizable scrollbar is now supported.
  • The isUndo property is now supported in the RangeChanged event.
  • The dirty state of a cell is removed if its value is changed back to the initial value.


  • Same date format is accepted for date formatted cells on subsequent edits.
  • Data labels are correctly imported in Clustered Column and XY (Scattered) charts.
  • JSZip library is upgraded to 3.3.0.
  • Word-wrap of rich text is supported while importing ssjson file.
  • Formula is adjusted correctly when columnHeadersAsFrozenRows is set to true.
  • The Micrsoft Excel file can be imported and then renamed correctly.
  • If a table row is added and then undo event is performed, the deleteItems property returns deleted row's information.
  • Content is consistent when ssjson file is imported and exported to Microsoft Excel when the column width is set to null.
  • The Median formula returns correct value if first cell in the range is cleared by using delete key.
  • Spread Web designer shows new icons for Menu bar.
  • Range of filter is updated correctly when copied column is inserted.
  • The tooltip appears correctly when hovered on cell containing long text.
  • Horizontal Axis labels are shown properly when imported to SJS.
  • If a column with filter is deleted, it can be exported to Microsoft Excel.
  • Hyper Link Cell Type's auto fit height considers padding.
  • When a Microsoft Excel file is imported, chart content is displayed completely.
  • Chart is rendered correctly after importing the Microsoft Excel file in SpreadJS.
  • The mouse click area of ​​hyperlink is the same as actual display content.
  • In Mozilla Firefox, if more than one word is entered in cell editor, additional line break "\n" is not added.
  • TextBox is imported correctly from Microsoft Excel.
  • For tables, while setting formula with relative references using setColumnDataFormula, the header rows are not considered while updating relative references.
  • Formula textbox synchronizes information in cells.
  • The table is imported correctly in SpreadJS.
  • Custom formatting for dates yields same dates without depending on how they are entered.
  • Percentage formatter cell behaves correctly when formulas are disabled.
  • Hyperlinks can be exported correctly from Microsoft Excel to SpreadJS.
  • For Korean language, the line break works properly when characters are being composed.
  • A form can be exported correctly.
  • SpreadJS SWITCH formula generates same calculation result as Microsoft Excel.
  • Watermark can fill the entire print area width.
  • ToolTip is displayed correctly even when there are frozen columns.
  • Unexpected data verification does not happen after DataSource and table resize is set.
  • Hyperlink Styles are given priority.
  • Top of header editor is displayed on high dpi screen.
  • The filter menu works correctly when row filter is applied and filter button is clicked.
  • Context menu displays correctly on different screen resolutions.
  • TextBox size is correct in the exported Microsoft Excel file.
  • The autoFitRow calculation is correct even when there is a filter box at the column header.
  • When SpreadJS is used in Vue and router-view is set in keep-alive, spreadsheet is initialized only once.
  • There is no content error when row is inserted in table.
  • Table's dirty information can be cleared.
  • The result of ROUND formula in SpreadJS is same as Microsoft Excel.
  • Cell format items can be set in SpreadJS designer on high dpi display.


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