RadaeePDF SDK for iOS v4.0

Includes new Storyboard-based reader controller and more.
August 20, 2020 - 8:10
New Version


  • New UI.
  • New reader controller class PDFReaderCtrl.
  • New Storyboard-based reader controller.
  • New menu classes (search, annot, view mode, more).
  • Removed bookmarks and setting view controllers.
  • Removed Modules folder.
  • Added lock/unlock feature in annot's menu operations.
  • Added case/whole search features in search mode.
  • New file collection view.
  • New imageset.
  • New toolbars UI.
  • New toolbars' feature (switch and show thumb/slider, night mode, meta).
  • New color picker.
  • New search mode UI.
  • New full text search feature.
  • New popup text view UI.
  • New outline view UI.
  • New annots' properties UI.
  • Added support for dark mode.


  • Fixed minor UI issues.
  • Fixed crash issue when linerazed data damaged.
  • Fixed open from url issue.
  • Fixed specific pdf crash issue.
RadaeePDF SDK for iOS

RadaeePDF Classic SDK for iOS

Render, manipulate and annotate PDF files on iOS.

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