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Improves Delphi compatibility and support for Oxygene.
September 09, 2020 - 9:46
New Version


  • Core
    • Added "SizeOf" on properties and index properties.
    • Improved Embarcadero Delphi compatibility.
    • Improved support for Oxygene:
      • Added include/exclude functions for enums.
      • Added the ability to add implicit cast operator to MetaClasses, to cast to Type.
      • Added the ability to allow passing/assigning direct type references to Type.
      • Added support for "else" on "on/do" clauses.
    • Merged DelphiRTL.
    • Merged EBuild.
    • Merged IslandRTL.
    • Merged RTL2.
  • Island RTL
    • Added the ability to change DOM generated interfaces type Date to DateTime.
  • Delphi RTL
    • Added the ability to add Empty property on TGUID.
    • Added BigEndianUnicode.
    • Added TryStrToFloat, StrToFloat and StrToFloatDef.
    • Added the ability to build/ship binaries for Microsoft .NET Core and .NET Standard.
    • Introduced a "pass-thru" class that implements System.IO.Stream under Echoes, introduce GetEncoding(int), UTF7 and ANSI.
RemObjects Elements

RemObjects Elements

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