Sencha ExtAngular 7.3

Adds new examples for both the modern and classic toolkit, plus improvements in quality, performance and usability.
September 15, 2020 - 15:13
New Version


  • New in Sencha Ext JS 7.3
    • Highlights
      • Several improvements to the Data Grid, Fields, Charts and Buttons widgets.
      • Enhancements to Ext JS Grid scrolling experience.
      • Many quality improvements addressing customer reported tickets.
      • New Kitchen Sink examples and directly usable ready-to-go templates for both toolkits.
      • Over 30+ new fiddle examples in Ext JS API Docs.
      • Upgraded Froala WYSIWYG Editor to latest version 3.2.1.
    • Ext JS Kitchen Sink Examples
      • New ready-to-go ‘Login Form’ templates that include handy examples that can easily be directly copy-pasted into your application. Learn how to:
        • Create a responsive login form.
        • Create a template to reset user password.
        • Create a responsive create account template.
      • Easily navigable and ‘searchable’ component examples for the Modern toolkit.
        • Quickly search for examples via the ‘Menu search’ option.
        • View corresponding code and directly implement it into your application.
        • The tree view navigation exists in the Kitchen sink classic toolkit and has been expanded for the modern toolkit.
    • New API Component Examples
      • Added over 30+ Data Grid API component examples and fiddle links so you can directly copy-paste the code into your application.
      • Check out Ext.grid API examples in the API docs for Classic and Modern Toolkit.
      • New examples have been added for Columns (check, drag, tree, date, text, boolean), Plugins (row operations, clipboard, summary, drag-drop), Filters, Selection (rows, cells, header) and many more.
Login Screen Example in Sencha Ext JS.

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