Altova DataBaseSpy Enterprise Edition 2021

Adds option to show multiple database root objects.
October 14, 2020 - 15:02
New Version


  • Added option to show multiple database root objects - Many database types support multiple root objects, and these can now be shown in the DatabaseSpy Online Browser pane where current database connections are visualized.
  • Added option to stop SQL execution at specific command(s) - By default, SQL scripts run through even if an error occurs with a SQL command, which can be problematic when SQL scripts contain multiple statements. Now, in addition to the option to halt SQL execution as soon as the first error is returned, you can abort execution (or not) when an error is returned for a specific command by adding a comment to your SQL script.
    • The comment and parameters are: -- abort_execution_on_error: true|false|yes|no|y|n|1|0.
    • You can add the comment anywhere in the script and it will affect only those SQL statements that follow it.
  • Updated support for MariaDB - Support for MariaDB has been updated to include the latest versions, 10.4 and 10.5.
Altova DataBaseSpy Enterprise Edition

Altova DataBaseSpy Enterprise Edition

Multi-database tool and SQL editor.

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