Altova European Banking Authority (EBA) XBRL add-in for Excel 2021

New XBRL Taxonomy Manager provides an easy way to view the taxonomies installed on your system.
October 14, 2020 - 15:22
New Version


  • XBRL Taxonomy Manager - This add-in for Microsoft Excel supports prior versions as well as local taxonomies for several European countries. While these taxonomies have always been available as a separate, free installer, Altova now provides an XBRL Taxonomy Manager directly in the software that offers an easy way to select required taxonomies and versions to use with the add-in. The XBRL Taxonomy Manager makes it easy to view the taxonomies installed on your system and check whether new versions are available for download, independent of the Altova product release cycle.
  • EBA taxonomy 2.10 (phase 2) with COVID-19 related taxonomy updates - In response to measures related to the COVID-19 crisis, the European Banking Authority has issued updated reporting and disclosure requirements. These are designed to accommodate, for instance, emergency legislation on pausing loan repayment schedules and the resulting impact on financial institutions. As such, the corresponding local XBRL taxonomies for reporting to the EBA have been updated with these temporary changes. The XBRL Taxonomy Manager (described above) includes these updated taxonomies.
XBRL Taxonomy Manager

Altova European Banking Authority (EBA) XBRL add-in for Excel

XBRL add-in for Excel.

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