List & Label 26 Professional Reporting Edition

Includes reusable sub-reports, new print and export functions, plus support for .NET 5.
October 23, 2020 - 9:45
New Version


  • Reusable Sub-Reports
    Reusable sub-reports make it possible to reuse individual elements from report containers such as charts or tables in other projects. As a result, the layout only has to be created once and can be maintained at just a single location.
  • Improved Drag & Drop User Interface for the Table
    The new user interface is easier to use, and more intuitive. List & Label automatically switches to the new view when column width is adjusted. Which cells are affected by resizing and how they change is displayed directly. Furthermore, entire columns can also be moved to another position by means of drag & drop.
  • Combination Print
    With combination print, different projects can be combined into a single print – including page numbers and tables of contents. In the past, several preview files had to be tediously merged to this end.
  • Multi-Pass Processing for Pre-Calculations
    The multi-pass procedure can be used to insert references to the page numbers of report elements, for example, even if it hasn’t yet been determined on which pages these elements will finally be printed. Different information can also be displayed when printing several editions.
  • New PDF Export
    The new PDF export function makes it possible to create smaller export files with improved quality. Moreover, enhanced support is now provided for images in CMYK color space and complex vector graphics, as well as for international character sets and fonts.
  • Support for Microsoft .NET 5
    List & Label 26 is compatible with Microsoft’s newest technologies. In addition to long term support release 3.1 for Microsoft .NET Core, the reporting component also supports Microsoft’s newest Framework .NET 5.
  • Report Server Based on New Technology
    The Report Server has been ported to the latest Microsoft .NET Core platform and the interface has been implemented as a single page application with React. The server-based solution has been furnished with an improved responsive design, is more powerful, easier to use and at the same time conserves bandwidth.
  • New Features for the Ad-hoc Designer
    The Ad-hoc Designer has been expanded to include new filter options and fields of the “Image” type. Furthermore, it’s now possible to choose between horizontal and vertical bar graphs for visualization.
New reusable sub reports.

List & Label Professional Reporting Edition

Report generator with report designer for software developers.

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