Devolutions Server 2020.3.8.0

Adds new Security dashboard in Administration menu.
October 30, 2020 - 16:35
New Version


  • Added new security setting to block Tor clients from accessing the server.
  • Added new built-in roles with specific rights for easy assignment.
  • Added new onboarding wizard to facilitate initial import of Privileged Accounts.
  • Added "Duplicate entry" command.
  • Each Vault now has a Dashboard & option to disable.
  • Added the ability to configure custom icons for server login page and toolbar.
  • Added support for License administration section.
  • Added capability of exporting the User Vault (Private Vault).
  • Added new Security dashboard in Administration menu.
  • Added option to filter out system users on SSH scans.
  • Added OU browser for Active Directory scans.
  • Added input boxes for Comment on open and Comment on close.
  • Added new dashboard when selecting Vault root in tree view.
  • Added option to resurrect deleted attachments.
  • Added possibility to insert Ticket number on Insert comment and Close comment.
  • Added support for Duplicate action on entries.
  • Added support for Passportal My Account Settings.
  • Added flag for Favorite Vaults, greatly improves the search and the Vault Selector.
  • Added the ability to Approve or Deny and Check in from RDM Dashboard.
  • Added the ability to Approve or Deny checkouts from the secure message received.
  • Added the option to disable the new Vault Dashboard.
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