GitKraken V7.4

Adds ability to display author, date/time and SHA columns in the commit graph.
October 30, 2020 - 17:49
New Version


  • Users may now authenticate their GitKraken account using Google OAuth.
  • Added a header to the commit graph, making resizing columns easier.
  • Added the option to display additional columns of information in the commit graph:
    • Commit author.
    • Commit date/time.
    • Commit SHA.
  • GitHub users now have the ability to create draft pull requests in GitKraken.
  • When assigning an assignee or reviewer to a pull request, the dropdown menu will now display the user’s name and username.
  • Autocomplete suggestions will now appear when creating or editing GitHub filters.
  • Search results will be more accurate when opening a repo via the Fuzzy Finder.
  • Keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + K can now be used to toggle the visibility of the commit panel on and off, while keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + J can be used to collapse and expand the left panel. The visibility of these panels can also be toggled from the View menu.


Git GUI client for Windows, Mac and Linux, issue boards and timeline maker for communicating project milestones and deadlines.

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