Wayk 2020.3

Wayk Now split into Wayk Agent and Wayk Client with simplified licensing.
October 30, 2020 - 17:09
New Version

Wayk Now becomes two distinct applications.

With the 2020.3.x release, Wayk Now will no longer include a single program that can be used as both a client and a server (agent). Following the current visual separation of functionality in the Wayk Now interface, the “Allow Remote Control” section has become the new Wayk Agent, and the “Take Remote Control” section has become the new Wayk Client. In the past, the “Remote Control Mode” option was used to block part of the application. Licensing has also been simplified: while Wayk Client requires a license, Wayk Agent doesn’t need a license. This way, you can make large scale deployments of Wayk Agent without having to worry about the additional burden of complex license management.

Wayk Bastion (formerly Wayk Den), Wayk Client, Wayk Agent

  • Wayk Bastion is the centralized server where Wayk Agent and Wayk Client connect.
  • Wayk Agent is installed on all machines registered for management by Wayk Bastion.
  • Wayk Client is used by technicians to connect to machines managed through Wayk Bastion.

Licensing Example: A Managed Service Provider (MSP) would deploy a single Wayk Bastion server in a network location reachable by all of its customers. All machines meant to be managed centrally in Wayk Bastion on the customer sites have Wayk Agent installed. Technicians use Wayk Client to connect to Wayk Agent through Wayk Bastion. Out of all three, only Wayk Client requires a license.


Wayk Bastion

Support End Users and Access Remote Computers.

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