Stimulsoft BI Designer 2020.5.1

Adds the ability to customize table sparkline colors.
November 02, 2020 - 17:09
New Version


  • Expressions in properties - You can now use expressions as values for some report component and dashboard properties. Depending on the expression calculation result, the component property will be set to a specific value. By using expressions as a property value, you can customize the printing of a component, the style of its content, and more.
  • Updated Image element - Improved the Image element for dashboards. This dashboard element has changed from static to dynamic. Now you can get images from data columns, variables, and files using hyperlinks.
  • Sparkline styles - Added a new component for reporting. In this version, you can apply styles to this component. Create the Indicator type style, configure it, and use the Component Style property to assign this style to the sparkline.
  • Sparkline colors in dashboards - Added the ability to customize table sparkline colors from the element editor.
Customize table sparkline colors

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