Infragistics Ultimate UI for Windows Forms 20.1 Build 20.1.20201.42

Improves FormattedTextEditor, CalcManager and DockManager.
November 06, 2020 - 11:34
New Version


  • FormattedTextEditor
    • There are now separate resource strings/properties for the menu item and the tooltip.
    • Added new Tool Caption Strings.
    • Added new ToolTip Strings.


  • CalcManager
    • UltraCalcException occurs if you put the custom combo (inherits UltraCombo) and UltraCalcManager together on the form.
  • Combo
    • UltraGridFilterUIProvider invokes incorrect resizing of UltraCombo DropDown area.
  • DayView
    • The last time slot no longer scrolls when dragging an appointment.
  • DockManager
    • Error message that the "AllowDrop property is set to true but the ApartmentState of the current thread does not support drag drop" in UltraDockManager.
  • Microsoft Excel
    • NameReference.ReferencedRegion returns null on first time query.
  • ExplorerBar
    • Context Menu appears larger.
    • Schedule
      • UltraCalendarInfo.GetAppointmentsInRange finds non-existent occurrences out of range.
    • SpreadSheet
      • Some culture-specific formats are not applied properly.
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