Oxygen XML WebHelp V23.0

Adds the ability to link WebHelp output to your own installation of Oxygen Feedback Enterprise.
November 20, 2020 - 11:50
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  • Oxygen Feedback Enterprise - Version 1.3 of the Oxygen Feedback commenting platform introduced the Enterprise (self-managed) edition for organizations that prefer to install the software on their own server for better data control. Each organization is provided with a Platform Admin account for accessing a special administration area, the Enterprise version offers the ability to enable and configure LDAP authentication, and it is compatible with the old Oxygen WebHelp PHP-based commenting system, meaning that you can migrate your database without losing any information.
  • Control Which Elements are Indexed by the Search Engine - You can now specify a list of HTML elements that will not be indexed by the search engine. A new transformation parameter (webhelp.search.index.elements.to.exclude) can be used to specify the list of elements and the value of the @class attribute is used to determine which specific HTML elements are excluded.
  • Add Words to the Default Stop Words List - You can now specify words to be included in the default list of stop words. These are words (such as articles, pronouns, and prepositions) that are ignored by the search engine. A new transformation parameter (webhelp.search.stop.words.include) can be used to specify which words to include in the list (and therefore, instruct the search engine to ignore them).
Oxygen XML WebHelp

Oxygen XML WebHelp

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