Entity Developer V6.10.1165

Adds new model object attribute and improves Entity Framework support.
January 15, 2021 - 16:20
New Version


  • Added new attribute DisplayName for model objects' extended properties which are available via template properties.
  • Added new options --ContextNamespace and --DefaultNamespace to the Create-Model command of Console Entity Developer.

Entity Framework support

  • IPAddress and PhysicalAddress data types are now supported in Entity Framework Core Model (Npgsql).
  • Added new extended model property Base Context Type for specifying a parent class for the generated context in Entity Framework Core Model.
  • Added new extended properties Base Type for complex types and Base Complex Type for model in Entity Framework Core Model.
  • Improved code generation: RelationalIndexBuilderExtensions.HasDatabaseName is now generated instead of RelationalIndexBuilderExtensions.HasName in Entity Framework Core 5.
  • Updated display names of extended properties in Entity Framework Core Model: Entity Base has been renamed to Base Type in class and model properties and Context Base has been renamed to Base Context Type in model properties.
  • The %type name% keyword is now supported in the Base Type extended property of entities and complex types as well as in Base Complex Type, Base Entity Type and Base Context Type extended model properties for setting generic base type in Entity Framework Core Model.
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