Stimulsoft BI Designer 2021.1.1

Adds new data adapter for connecting to Google BigQuery.
January 20, 2021 - 9:28
New Version


  • Added new data adapter for connecting to Google BigQuery.
  • Added the ability to use expressions when conditionally formatting the Chart element on the dashboard.
  • Added the "Account" tab in the "File" menu of the report designer. This tab contains commands for managing the current user account.
  • The "MonthIdent" function now supports an abbreviation of the month.
  • New report component - Table of Contents - helps you create an interactive table of contents for your report without writing any code or scripts. When the report is rendered, a table of contents with navigation is generated.
  • Added the ability to drag and drop columns in the Table element when viewing the dashboard.
  • The Table element adds "Size" property to the "Dimension" columns and also adds the "Word Wrap" property.
  • Added the "Frozen Columns" property to the Table element.
  • Added the "Show Total" property to the column and row headers of the pivot element.
  • Added the "Total Label" property to a pivot's columns and rows.
  • Updated the editor for setting colors in the report designer.
  • Improved the country codes when searching in the Map element.
  • Added the ability to resize the Cross-Tab editor form.
  • The dashboard engine now supports real-time refreshing of the text element, which contains the Time variable.
  • Improved flickering of the dashboard viewer by processing the "Refresh Time" property.
Google BigQuery data adapter.

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