Xceed Words for .NET V1.8

Improves bookmark, chart and paragraph features.
January 26, 2021 - 15:25
New Version


  • Bookmarks:
    • Added new methods to the Container class to get, insert, remove and validate bookmarks.
  • Chart:
    • Added new Axis.LabelPosition property to position axis labels over, under, next to the axis or even hide them.
    • Added new Charts property to get all the charts from a container.
    • Added new Width property which can be used to set the size of a series.
  • Document:
    • Automatic hyphenations and configurable hyphenations can now be set for the whole document.
    • Calling ApplyTemplate() with a zero-size template document now throws an error explaining that a template document must contain data.
    • The Save() and SaveAs() methods now have an optional "password" parameter which is required in order to save password protected documents.
  • Paragraph:
    • Added new properties to get the following and previous paragraph.
  • Table:
    • Creating a multi-columns table now auto-fits the columns' width based on the page's available width; when opening the document in Google Docs or Microsoft Word 2013/2016, the table now displays with valid column widths.
    • Inserting a new column now uses the neighbor column's width and resizes all the row's cell widths to fit on the page width (when table doesn't have a fixed size).
    • When removing the last paragraph from a cell, if the cell also contains an HTML/RTF content, the paragraph removal can now be done.
Xceed Words for .NET

Xceed Words for .NET

Create or manipulate Microsoft Word documents from your .NET applications, without requiring Word or Office to be installed.

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