Studio Controls for COM v6.0

Improves Calendar, Gauge and Image controls.
January 28, 2021
New Version


  • ctxCalendar v4.0.0.0:
    • Enhancements and upgrades include:
      • Appointment information line.
      • Enhanced gesture handling.
      • Appointment resize enhancements.
      • Appointment edit window fill.
      • Appointment border enhancements.
      • Appointment image management.
      • Enhanced how the control hides the edit window when focus is lost so that the appointment remains selected.
      • Adjusted when the resize handles are stored in the internal hit-test array, to enforce their Z-Order priority over other appointments.
      • Adjusted the painting routines so that any selected appointment (read-only or not) in any view is displayed using the thicker selected border.
  • ctxGauge v3.0.0.1:
    • Enhanced graphics features for Needle.
    • Improved Path and Pin primary elements.
    • Internal Image List has been enhanced to manage up to 250 images.
  • ctxHTML v1.0.0.1:
    • Added new ActiveX HTML Browser Control - Browse sites on the Worldwide Web, as well, folders on a local file system.
  • ctxImage v1.0.0.1:
    • Added new Image List Control - Internal image list management for up to 250 images and/or 250 image paths.
  • ctxToolbar v3.0.0.1:
    • Internal Image List has been enhanced to manage up to 250 images.
    • Added new Button Count - Count all top level items in the control.
    • Added new Item Count - Count of all items in the control.
    • You can now set Tooltip for items disabled in the control.
Studio Controls for COM

Studio Controls for COM

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