Actipro WPF Studio 21.1.0

Improves Charts, DataGrid and SyntaxEditor controls.
February 22, 2021 - 11:22
New Version


  • All
    • Validated Microsoft .NET 5 compatibility.
    • Updated Microsoft .NET Core assemblies to target .NET Core 3.1 instead of .NET Core 3.0.
    • Updated Microsoft .NET Framework assemblies to target .NET Framework 4.5.2 instead of .NET Framework 4.0.
    • Modernized offline documentation, and introduced online documentation on the Actipro web site.
    • Created a new 'WPF-Controls' GitHub repository with the full source of documentation topics, samples and other code.
  • Charts
    • Updated the label collision logic.
  • DataGrid
    • Updated ThemedDataGrid to properly render an inactive selection.
  • Editors
    • Added the AutoCompleteBox.TextAlignment property.
    • Updated each edit box to have a default AllowDrop of true, and to bind the AllowDrop property to the embedded TextBox.
    • Updated numeric edit boxes to not round values when incrementing and the related SmallChange or LargeChange is zero.
  • Grids
    • Added the Toolbox demo.
    • Improved TreeListBox so that when turning off filtering, all ancestor nodes of currently-selected nodes will remain expanded.
  • Ribbon
    • Updated the UIA tree to include the Backstage's close button.
  • Shell
    • Improved performance when refreshing shell object children in a certain scenario.
    • Improved the Custom Shell Objects QuickStart to demonstrate more advanced features.
  • SyntaxEditor
    • Added the ability to customize the macro recording mechanism. Updates include a new IMacroAction interface, making the default MacroRecording object public, adding a virtual SyntaxEditor.CreateMacroRecording method and more.
    • Added the SyntaxEditor.ViewActionExecuting event that is raised immediately before an edit action occurs within an editor view, allowing the action to be canceled.
    • Improved exception reporting for an invalid dynamic lexer regular expression pattern range.
  • Themes
    • Updated how the styles for ComboBox, ListBox and ListView handle grouping.
    • Updated how ThemeManager watches the system theme settings.
    • Updated the ThemeGenerator logic.
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