Rebex SFTP for .NET R5.1

Improves Chacha20/Poly1305 implementation in SSH and TLS.
March 05, 2021 - 13:51
New Version


  • All: Changed release naming scheme ('R5.1' instead of '2020 R5.1').
  • Networking: More meaningful exception is throw when attempting to use HTTP CONNECT proxy with NTLM authentication on platforms that don't support it.
  • Networking: Optimized timeout infrastructure in ProxySocket.Connect.
  • TLS Core: Added VerifyMessage signature algorithm logging in TLS 1.3.
  • TLS Core: Close/Dispose method called on TLS 1.3 socket ensures that all outstanding IO operations are canceled before the control is returned to the caller.
  • TLS Core: Synchronous methods on TlsSocket wrap TaskCanceledException to TlsException.
  • Cryptography: Enhanced implicit operator for conversion of Certificate->X509Certificate2 to retain private keys on non-Microsoft Windows platforms as well.
  • Cryptography: Optimized memory usage in symmetric encryption transformations based on Windows CNG API.
  • Cryptography: Substantial speed-up of Chacha20/Poly1305 (used in SSH and TLS). Utilizing AVX2 or Advanced NEON SIMD on Microsoft .NET 5.0 (if available).
  • Common: Accelerated common byte array operations in .NET 5.0 on devices with AVX2 support.
Rebex SFTP for .NET

Rebex SFTP for .NET

SFTP and SCP client .NET library.

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