Devolutions Server 2021.1.7.0

Adds version management for DPS instances.
April 07, 2021 - 8:27
New Version



  • Added Least Permissions Management when updating the database.
  • Added version management for DPS instances.
  • Added Instance status on instance list.


  • Core
    • Added support for Devolutions Gateway (Jet).
    • Added "Last login" report.
    • Added new entry type: Microsoft Azure service principal.
    • Added Tenant ID field on API Key.
    • The user vault now has the same features as a standard vault (i.e.: attachments, history, documentation).
    • Added support for a timeout setting in Radius configuration.
    • Added support for handling custom controls on web entries for DWL.
    • Added support for authentication methods on login history report.
    • Added support for the "is not" expression when setting a filter on a subscription.
    • Updated the library for sending emails.
    • Updated date format on reports.
    • Updated the SQL Queries when doing cleanup tasks to avoid timeouts.
  • PAM
    • Added support for a system of policies on team folders for easier management.
    • Added support for the delta between results when scanning a domain.
  • Web
    • Added support for default icon color.
    • Scheduled reports now support more reports.
    • Added a download button on the document dashboard.
    • Added support for custom fields on web entries.
    • Added support for multiple gateways on SCP and SFTP entries.
    • Added support for multiple gateways on SSH Shell, SSH Tunnel and SSH Port Forward entries.
    • Added Recents to new entry dialog.
    • Added recovery codes for OTPs.
    • Added the "Disconnect Data Source" option in the administration section.
    • Added support for OPT on Web entries.
    • Added the option to set "Allow Offline" to a vault.
    • Added the option to view and download the Private key.
    • Added support for managing the password setting: "Force Default Template".
    • Secure message: Added the option to "Delete All" and "Mark all as read".
    • Updated the default date range to "today" instead of "Last 7 days" on the activity log report.
    • Updated scrolling when navigating to an entry from the search.
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