ComponentOne Studio Blazor Edition 2021 v1

Adds new input and layout controls built natively in Blazor for Server and WebAssembly applications.
April 08, 2021 - 13:14
New Version


  • Blazor Window Component - Create modal and modeless prompts and dialogs in Blazor apps using the new C1Window component. C1Window can be used as a full pop-up window to support resizing, closing, and dragging the window using a mouse. Use it to provide popup editing for FlexGrid. You can also use C1Window as a simple popup to display additional information for any owner element.
  • Blazor DateRangePicker Component - Select a date range with the new C1DateRangePicker component. It's helpful to use a Blazor DateRangePicker when booking a service for a range of time or analyzing data for a specific date window. You may limit the date range to a single month or use the multi-month calendar in the drop-down to select date ranges with the mouse or keyboard.
  • Blazor Calendar with Custom Templates - The Blazor Calendar component now supports customization of the day slots. You can use HTML to create a template for each type of date slot.
  • Blazor Tooltip Component - Show tooltips when the user hovers over any element with the new C1Tooltip component. You can specify the position where the tooltip appears.
  • Blazor MaskedTextBox Component - Validate and format user input against a mask using the new C1MaskedTextBox component. With a masked input control, you can prevent users from entering invalid inputs and skips over literals when saving the data back to the data source.
  • Blazor FlexGrid Column Resizing - FlexGrid now supports column resizing by mouse in both Blazor Server and WebAssembly applications. This feature is enabled by default.
  • Blazor ListView with Checkbox Selection - The Blazor ListView now supports multiple item selection using the mouse and keyboard or with checkboxes. Use the new ShowCheckBoxes property to display checkboxes.
  • Blazor FlexChart Line Markers - FlexChart now supports line markers that allow you to add a mouse-driven cursor to your charts. The cursor consists of a text element used to display information about the point under the mouse and optional lines to indicate its exact position.
ComponentOne Studio Blazor Edition

ComponentOne Studio Blazor Edition

Blazor UI Controls for Web Apps.

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