ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC 2021 v1

Adds new Date Range Input control and improvements for FlexGrid.
April 08, 2021 - 13:16
New Version


  • MVC Date Range Input Control - The new InputDateRange control is an advanced date picker that allows users to select a range of dates. Selecting a date range helps book service accommodations or analyze data for a specific date window. You may limit the date range that the user may pick from or use the multi-month calendar in the drop-down to select date ranges with the mouse or keyboard.
  • MVC CollectionView Calculated Fields - You can now add calculated fields C1CollectionView using the CalculatedFields property. Each calculated field contains a name and expression. The regular expression may contain the variable '$' to refer to the current data item.
  • MVC FlexGrid Validation Errors - You can now show multiple validation errors in a FlexGrid row by displaying a tooltip in the row header. This feature is enabled through CollectionView.
New MVC Date Range Input Control.

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