pCloudy 5.9

Adds XCUIT framework integration for User Interface (UI) test automation.
April 15, 2021 - 14:02
New Version


Mobile Device Cloud

  • XCUIT framework integration - Perform seamless User Interface (UI) test automation for devices running on Apple iOS.
  • QR Code Scanning for iOS and Android - Enabled QR code scanning for various iOS and Android devices for both automation and manual testing.
  • Pinch to Zoom - Introduced "Pinch to Zoom" feature on almost all Android devices.
  • Idle Time Out rolled out - Idle time-out feature rolled out for all public device cloud users.
  • Slack Integration - Easily share reports and collaborate with other team members in your organization.
  • Automation tests on same version/model of devices - Now you can run automation tests on the devices with the same model and same version simultaneously, subject to availability.
  • Upgraded Security (Private and on premise cloud) - Upgraded the security measures by providing stronger password creation policies criteria for all private cloud users.

Browser Cloud

  • Log a bug on JIRA - You can report bugs on Jira using the Log a Bug with Jira feature, you can even attach screenshots and highlight the issue.
  • Easy collaboration - Easily collaborate with other team members using Slack. You can now easily share bug reports and screenshots with others colleagues.
  • Sharable report - You can now create a manual sharable report to download or share it with others.
  • Idle timeout feature - Added the Idle timeout feature for all public cloud users.

pCloudy Desktop Assistant (PDA)

  • An app which enables users to access pCloudy's most used features including Wildnet, Android tunnel and iOS connect.
  • Available for Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac.
  • Test multiple clouds form a single place without the hassle of logging in to different clouds.
  • Using PDA, users can save time as they don’t have to download different jars or .exe files for using these features.
  • PDA provides a facility to use Direct and Debug proxy.

Other improvements

  • Improvements to iOS connectivity.
  • Support for devices running iOS version 14.5 (Developer beta).
  • Support for Android devices running Android 11.
  • Improvements to Object Spy feature.
  • Admins can now access an individual or team's usage and statistics from the reports tab.
  • Support for Appium 1.19.


Test Android and iOS apps on 500+ real Android & iOS devices.

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