PACE Suite 5.6.1

Improves Setup Capture, MSI Generator and MSI Editor.
April 22, 2021 - 13:46
New Version


  • Setup Capture
    • Content of the "%WINDIR%\Servicing" folder is now included in the exclusion list to improve package purity.
  • MSI Generator
    • ARP for MSI packages are now pre-filled and enabled by default.
  • MSI Editor
    • Added the ability to manage and change MSI database code page setting which is by default set to UTF-8. MSI packages can now be opened with old tools for MSI that do not support UTF-8 code pages.
    • All shortcuts are now set as Advertised by default according to best practice.
    • When removing resources (files, registry, etc.) from MSI packages, their containing components, if empty, will now also be removed.
    • When adding/editing the per-user Environment Variables, Active Setup is now automatically integrated.
    • Microsoft Windows Service identifiers (display name, service name, etc.) are now automatically pre-filled when selecting a new service executable file.
    • When adding a new Service Install entry, the respective Service Control record is now automatically added to manage the installed Windows Service.
    • The splash screen when running MSI Editor functions from Launcher is now displayed to indicate the application loading.
UI for Environment Variables

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