PACE Packager Hub 2.0

Adds new Analytics module which allows you to view the current state of packaging orders.
May 21, 2021 - 13:57
New Version


Analytics with Dashboards, Reporting and Export

  • Added new Analytics module to PACE Packager Hub which allows you to get a comprehensive view of the current state of orders, balance your team’s workload in one or multiple projects and quickly export orders to CSV files for invoices and reports.
    • The Dashboard tab includes three widgets: Active and Completed Orders (in two views: list and calendar), Due Dates (for today and the next three days) and the Team Workload. The Dashboard view is customizable, so you can set up which widgets will be visible.
    • In the Reporting, you can review the Created and Completed Orders in the chosen time slot. Information is displayed either in a pie diagram by order type or list by projects.
    • Export the Created and/or Completed orders to CSV files right from the Reporting page to form reports quickly and easily, e.g. for invoicing.

Holistic Order Tracking

  • View the Orders’ and Packages’ History of changes in the History tab.
  • Review deleted orders in the read-only mode to check the last statuses, values, messages and history of all changes - This feature is available for users with Supervisor access.

Smart Notification System

  • Set up automatic notifications regarding orders that you need to track and receive in-app messages or email notifications.
  • You can also configure to group several notifications in the selected timeframe into a single email.

More new features to boost robust operations:

  • Import orders from CSV enables quick and easy migration to PACE Packager Hub - This feature supports various CSV files generated by any workflow solution you are currently using.
  • The Project Documents module is a single place for all project-related information, e.g., SLA, requirements, guidelines, checklists, conventions and other docs - You can securely share them with your project team. Set up the visibility level of the uploaded documents:
    • Public (visible to customers and engineering team).
    • Private (visible only to the team).
  • Mention someone in messages and communicate faster - The people you mention in the order messages get one-time notifications, ensuring quicker and more effective in-app communication.
  • Configure date and time format to adjust the system to your preferences - The tool supports multiple formats used in the USA (MM/DD/YYYY), Europe (DD.MM.YYYY) and Asia (YYYY-MM-DD).
  • Set the User avatar to be more recognizable in messages, history, email notifications, list of order followers and other places of the system.
  • Restore your password to quickly access the tool if you have lost or forgotten the existing one.
New Analytics module

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