AlterNET Studio v7.1

Improves Code Editor and Script Debugger.
June 01, 2021 - 8:51
New Version


  • Code Editor
    • Improved appearance of blocks of text which are selected and highlighted by search dialog at the same time.
    • Validation against the schema is now implemented for XML and JSON parsers.
    • Categories in Code completion listbox are now displayed in the predefined order.
    • Transparent icons are now used for Code Completion/QuickInfo images.
    • Improved appearance of error underlining on high-dpi screens.
  • Scripter/Debugger
    • Script debugger now validates that the process being debugged has the same platform (x86 or x64).
    • In-memory assemblies can now be used in the C#/Visual Basic scripts.
    • Now it's possible to re-use results of previously compiled assemblies in the scripter between application sessions.
  • LangServer(LSP) Parsers
    • LSP Parsers were redesigned to use the latest LangServer client API and to allow multiple files to be part of the same workspace.
    • Find References is now implemented for LSP parsers.
    • C/C++ parser has been updated to use the latest C++ SDK include files.
    • Added Java and XML LSP parsers, both require JDK to be installed on target machines. 
  • Python/IronPython
    • Multiple improvements related to semantic analysis and Python/IronPython code completion.
  • Demo projects
    • Project Save method has been implemented to remove dependency from Microsoft.Build tools.
    • It's now possible to specify BuildAction and CopyToOutput attributes for files in the project explorer.
    • Added local variables debug widget to IronPython Debugger demos.
    • DebugRemoteScript demos were redesigned to provide a better example of how to access application API from the script which is executed in a separate process.
AlterNET Studio

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