ONLYOFFICE Docs Developer Edition v6.3

Adds new Dark and Light themes, plus improvements to the Document, Spreadsheet, and Presentation editors.
June 09, 2021 - 10:31
New Version


  • ONLYOFFICE editors now have a Dark theme and a new Light theme.
  • Work comfortably on small HDPI monitors - In addition to 100% and 200%, ONLYOFFICE now supports 150% scaling.
  • Protecting document with passwords - Protect your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with passwords so that no one is able to open the document without entering it.
  • Saving Track Changes status to file - ONLYOFFICE updated reviewing: now you can enable Track Changes for everyone who has full access to the file or just for yourself.
  • New chart types to present your data - In version 6.3, you’ll find new types of charts: line to display trends over time and scatter to compare numeric values in two series.
  • Quickly change text case - You can change the capitalization of selected text in a document and apply:
    • Sentence case matches a common sentence.
    • lowercase with all the letters small.
    • UPPERCASE with all letters capital.
    • Capitalize Each Word where each word starts with a capital letter.
    • tOGGLE cASE to reverse the case of the selected text.
  • Organize your lists - In ONLYOFFICE Docs, you can create multilevel lists to organize your numbered/bulleted lists and outlines. Version 6.3 brings a new improvement - you can quickly change the list level.
  • Improvements in all editors
    • Interface Themes support.
    • 150% interface scaling support.
    • Spellchecker implemented as SharedWorker. No more back-end service for spellchecker.
    • Ability to add file to favorites (must be supported on DMS side).
    • Password protection support.
    • New chart types (lines and scatter).
    • Ability to setup anonymous user name.
    • Check hyperlinks for 2083 symbol length.
    • Ability to print files in Firefox.
    • Macros methods tooltips.
  • Improvements in Document Editor
    • Wrapping for shapes in Top Toolbar.
    • Indents settings in Paragraph Right Sidebar.
    • Change Register operation in Top Toolbar.
    • Change List Level operation.
    • Track changes mode redone, ability to save it to file.
    • Export to html, fb2, ePub.
  • Improvements in Spreadsheet Editor
    • Add new chart type - combo.
    • Redone Chart Advanced Setting with more axis settings.
    • Add ability to set axis label format.
    • New date format "YYYY-MM-DD" (ISO 8601).
    • Cell Indent setting in Table Right Sidebar.
    • Opening of Microsoft Office XML 2003 files.
    • Group and Ungroup operation for Pivot Tables.
    • XLOOKUP function.
  • Improvements in Presentation Editor
    • Slide opacity setting.
    • Setup columns in shape via Top Toolbar.
    • Presentation Animations are saved after export from our editor.
  • The license command was added to CommandService.ashx. It allows you to check the number of unique users who got access via external and internal links.
New Dark and Light themes available in ONLYOFFICE v6.3.

ONLYOFFICE Docs Developer Edition

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