RayVentory 12.2 SP2

Adds new data source connectors plus performance and stability improvements.
June 09, 2021 - 10:35
New Version


  • New connectors - The following new data sources can now be extracted by dedicated RayVentory Data Hub connectors:
    • Adobe Sign.
    • Atlassian Trello.
    • Crowdstrike Falcon.
    • Datadog.
    • GitHub.
    • GitLab (cloud).
    • IBM License Metric Tool.
    • Invision Injixo.
    • Knowbe4 Security Awareness Training.
    • Microsoft 365 (sign-ins only).
    • New Relic.
    • PagerDuty.
    • Qlik Sense.
    • SurveyMonkey.
    • Vanilla Forums.
    • Zs Assoc.
  • Integrated transformation capabilities,  the ETL engine has been fully integrated into the extraction capabilities.
  • Reordering tasks with drag and drop functionality.
  • Catalog task has been extended with evidences from System Center Configuration Manager.
  • New UI for task details.
  • New reports for software metering.
  • Ability to create a new task directly from the Collectors page.
  • Performance and stability improvements.


Smarter software and hardware inventory.

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