Codejock Toolkit Pro v20.0.0

Adds MDI tear-off windows and Microsoft Windows 10 theme.
July 02, 2021 - 10:44
New Version


Toolkit Pro

  • Added Microsoft Windows 10 theme.
  • Ambient properties have been added to CXTPApplication.
  • Added strict code compliance for C++14 and C++17 standards (/std:c++14 and /std:c++17).
  • Added strict conformance mode support (/permissive-).
  • Enabled maximum warning level support (/Wall).
  • The highest available Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) version is now used by default, XTPCreateXmlDocumentInstance helper function has been added.
  • Added XTPCreateXmlDocumentInstance helper function.
  • Added additional diagnostic for detecting leaks in critical section primitive.
  • Scroll bar class customization has been added to CXTPScrollBarContainer.


  • Added time scale side switching.


  • Added Funnel3D chart style.
  • Added 3D chart transparency and optional anti-aliasing.
  • Improved DPI compatibility of several chart fonts.

Command Bars

  • Added MDI tear-off support.
  • Themes support has been expanded to customize dialogs and pages.

Docking Pane

  • Added MDI docking support to docking panes.


  • Added Preview control which lets you preview static and animated images files, text, XAML, PDF, Microsoft Office, Vision, MSG and many other system supported formats with installed preview providers.

Samples and Utilities:

  • Switching time axis from left to right has been added to the CalendarDemo sample.
  • New Preview control demonstration has been added to the WinExplorer sample.
  • A demonstration of XAML icons in DockingPanes has been added to the PaneActions sample.
  • A demonstration of ambient colors using tear-off MDI windows has been added to the GUI_VisualStudio sample.
Codejock Toolkit Pro

Codejock Toolkit Pro

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