MindFusion.Diagramming for Java Swing V4.6

Adds new Lasso zoom tool and scrollable containers.
July 13, 2021 - 10:28
New Version


  • Scrollable containers - You can now set the ContainerNode Scrollable property to let users scroll a container's contents.
  • Container improvements
    • ContainerNode containment is no longer implemented via a Group object. Child nodes are now stored in the dedicated Children collection and a node's container is returned by the Container property.
    • You can now enable the AutoDeleteChildren property to automatically delete child nodes when a container is deleted.
    • Drag-and-drop operations from NodeListView, ShapeListBox and ShapeToolBar now automatically add the newly created node to a container if one is found at the drop position.
    • You can now call the ResizeToFitChildren method to resize a container, making it big enough to contain its child nodes.
    • The KeepInsideParent constraint of child nodes now also prevents them from overlapping the container's caption bar.
    • Added the AutoGrow property which lets you prevent ContainerNode from growing when adding child nodes to it.
  • Text rendering improvements
    • If WrapAtCharacter is disabled, long words that do not fit on a single line are now rendered clipped by default instead of stopping rendering at their position.
    • WrapOverflowingSingleWordLines property of TextFormat enables wrapping of long words that would not fit on a single line, while other text lines keep wrapping only at word boundaries.
  • Lasso zoom tool - The control now supports several ways to zoom using lasso tool:
    • You can set the Behavior property to Zoom, to always draw a zoom lasso.
    • You can set the Zoom flag for one of the keys in ModifierKeyActions to let users draw a zoom lasso with a modifier key and the left mouse button.
    • You can assign Zoom value to the RightButtonActions or MiddleButtonActions property to zoom using the respective mouse button.
  • Modifier keys - Added the ModifierKeyActions property of DiagramView which lets you bind modifier keys to diagram actions defined in ModifierKeyAction enum to execute when dragging with left mouse button with respective key pressed:
    • None: disables the modifier.
    • Pan: pans the view.
    • Select: draws selection lasso.
    • OverrideBehavior: draws a new item instead of grabbing adjustment handle.
    • Magnify: shows magnifier.
    • ExtendSelection: adds to selection without deselecting items outside of lasso.
    • Zoom: draws zoom lasso.
  • Button bindings
    • Added RightButtonActions and MiddleButtonActions properties of DiagramView which let you map mouse buttons to members of the MouseButtonAction enum (Pan, Cancel, Select, Draw, Magnify, Zoom) specifying how mouse click or drag operations affect the diagram.
  • Miscellaneous
    • The InitializeLasso event now lets you customize the appearance of a selection lasso before it shows on screen.
    • New BringIntoView overload lets you scroll to a specified rectangular area.
    • New ZoomToRect overload lets you zoom to a rectangular area while keeping it centered in the viewport.
    • ImageAlign now supports FitLeft, FitTop, FitRight and FitBottom alignment styles, which resize an image to fit a node's boundaries and align it to the respective border.
    • Layout classes now process DiagramLinks connected to TreeViewItems.
  • API changes
    • Container's child nodes are no longer accessible via SubordinateGroup; use the container's Children list instead.
    • A node's container is no longer accessible via MasterGroup; use the Container property instead.
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