SQL Enterprise Job Manager v2.3

Improves performance of web console and enhances usability of job chain schedule.
July 19, 2021 - 10:45
New Version


  • Alerts
    • Added "Always Send Email" option in the Configure Alert Email Settings. This option allows SQL Enterprise Job Manager to send email alerts for all job-related alerts.
    • Added the ability to Submit on the Alert Wizard for the Job Wizard.
    • Added the ability to configure the location type in the alert rules wizard.
  • Jobs
    • Added a new option for root job lists.
  • Schedule
    • It is now possible to reconfigure the job's schedule by using the drag and drop feature in the Schedule Tab.
  • Other
    • It is now possible to apply Product Administrator permission to a user group.
    • SQL Enterprise Job Manager now supports Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 and below.
SQL Enterprise Job Manager

SQL Enterprise Job Manager

Monitor and manage agent jobs across multiple SQL Servers.

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