Indigo.Design updated

Adds GitHub integration and a new Slider component.
July 21, 2021 - 13:27
New Version


  • GitHub Integration - This feature allows engineers to directly upload their app to a GitHub repo, private or public.
  • Slider Component - Lets designers build user-pleasing UX flows for more complex scenarios. The Slider component, delivered by the Ignite UI for Angular library, comes with various properties, such as options for having one or two thumbs (in case you need a slide range), setting the slider as stepped or continuous and more.
  • Banner - Added a simple but powerful Material Design component for showing and hiding information upon user’s request.
  • New Sample Apps - The new Travel and E-commerce applications reveal UX scenarios and certain usage of components that can be quickly reused.
  • Korean Translation - You can now find the entire Indigo.Design platform and its App Builder module translated into Korean.
  • When previewing an app, you can now switch between "master" and "child views", using a dropdown in the toolbar, so you can preview the code for each view separately.
  • Added the ability to reorder components in the document outline or design surface using drag and drop.
  • Added the ability to reorder “master” and “child views” in the views tab of the toolbox using drag and drop.
  • Improved “Tab Layout” to allow custom content inside “Tab header”.
  • Improved icons for "align-content" dropdown when wrapping is enabled in Flex layouts.
  • Apps are now generated using Ignite UI for Angular v12.0.1 instead of v11.1.15.
  • Improved load times and performance tweaks when using the App Builder UI.
GitHub Integration


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