TX Text Control ActiveX Standard X19 SP3

Improves Text Filters, Text Formatting and Images.
July 22, 2021 - 10:40
New Version



  • Image can only be positioned in the left edge of header after the second call.


  • EditableRegion is extended to the following text after using Undo.

Text Filters

  • DOCX import: Document causes 01-1D04 error.
  • Images are not displayed in TX Text Control.
  • Legacy Fields: First value in DropDown-List FormFields is not selected and shown as field value.
  • Loading documents containing styles named "Heading" will change the style's name.
  • A bulleted list with a list item formatted with bold text will not be displayed in Microsoft WordPad.

Text Formatting

  • ActiveX 64 bit only: FontName Property causes exception.
TX Text Control ActiveX Standard

TX Text Control ActiveX Standard

Comprehensive word processing and reporting for Visual Basic 6 and COM-based languages.

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