GroupDocs.Annotation for Java V21.7

Adds the ability to add image annotations.
July 23, 2021
New Version


  • Added horizontal text alignment TextField and TextWatermark annotations.
  • Added the ability to manage different versions of annotated documents for diagrams and images.
  • Added the ability to add image annotations to diagrams, PDF, spreadsheets, presentations, word processing documents and images.
  • Added the ability to manage different versions of an annotated file.
  • Added the ability to display huge spreadsheet worksheets.
  • Replaced file ImageAnnotation functionality with streams.
  • Improved the ability to add annotations to TIFF Images.
  • Improved ImageAnnotationHelper.
  • Added comparison operator (Equals) overload for Annotation Models.
  • Improved CellsInfo method in DocumentInfoExtractor.
  • Improved exceptions usage.
  • Improved PDF document annotation accuracy.
  • Added overloads for Annotator.Save method without stream or filepath.
  • Improved pages image size.
  • Added document advanced rendering modes and options support.
  • Added overloads for Annotator Remove Method.
  • Added the ability to extract image to ImageAnnotation.
  • Added the ability to show distance value for Distance annotations in different formats (presentations, PDF, images, diagrams, spreadsheets).
  • Improved Logging in spreadsheets, diagrams, email/HTML, images, PDF, presentations, word processing documents and Common Classes.
  • Split PdfCommentator functionality to improve annotating PDFs.
  • Improved importing Shapes to word processing documents.
  • Added DWG file support.
GroupDocs.Annotation for Java

GroupDocs.Annotation for Java

Annotate Microsoft Office, PDF and other documents within your Java applications.

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