MindFusion.WPF Pack 2021.R1

Adds assemblies for .NET 5 and includes improvements in Diagramming, Scheduling and Reporting.
July 27, 2021 - 14:41
New Version


  • Added support for Microsoft .NET 5 - The distribution now includes assemblies for Microsoft .NET 5.

New in MindFusion.Diagramming for WPF

  • SVG nodes - New node class allows you to display SVG drawings.
  • Import diagrams from SVG - The new SvgImporter class allows you to import SVG files into MindFusion.Diagramming.
  • Code 128 barcodes - BarcodeNode now supports Code 128 barcodes.
  • Lasso zoom tool - The control now supports several ways to zoom using Lasso tool:
    • Set the Behavior property to Zoom to always draw a zoom lasso.
    • Set the Zoom flag for one of the ModifierKeyActions keys to let users draw a zoom lasso with the respective modifier key pressed, along with the left mouse button.
    • Assign the Zoom value to the RightButtonActions or MiddleButtonActions property to zoom using the mouse button.
  • Layout improvements
    • Automatic layout classes now process DiagramLinks connected to TreeViewItems.
    • You can now set the LayeredLayout CompactLaterally property to create more compact layouts.
  • Fishbone Diagrams - New FishboneDiagram control creates Ishikawa diagrams from a specified data source. These Fishbone diagrams are used to display causes of manufacturing effect/defect/event, grouped in categories and arranged as ribs around a backbone.
  • Miscellaneous
    • The TextLinePositions property now returns the positions of text lines in a ShapeNode.
    • PdfExporter and SvgExporter now support ImageBrush brushes.
    • The MoveNodes behavior allows grabbing nodes to drag them without using adjustment handles.
    • Added protected visibility to DiagramItem CompleteModify overloaded method, called for indirect modifications.
    • PanBehavior class used to implement Pan and PanAndModify behaviors is now public, allowing derived custom behaviors.
    • ImageAlign now supports FitLeft, FitTop, FitRight and FitBottom alignment styles, which resize an image to fit a node's boundaries and align it to the respective border.
    • The InitializeLasso event now lets you customize the appearance of a selection lasso before it shows on screen.
    • NodeModifying and LinkModifying events are also now raised for items in multiple-selection.
    • The Behavior property setter no longer clears current selection. Call the SetBehavior method with true argument instead if you need selection cleared too.

New in MindFusion.Scheduling for WPF

  • Dark themes - Two new dark themes have been added, accessible via the Dark and Black elements of ThemeType enumeration.

New in MindFusion.Reporting for WPF

  • Code 128 barcodes - Barcode objects now support Code 128 barcodes.

New in MindFusion Virtual Keyboard for WPF

  • Added new Dispose and DisposeShared methods.

New in MindFusion.UI for WPF

  • Added new SvgViewer control which lets you display SVG drawings in WPF.
  • Code 128 barcodes - BarcodeLabel now supports Code 128 barcodes.
  • WindowDocking and WindowUndocking validation events have been added to DockControl.
  • ItemSelected and ItemClosing events have been added to DockControl.
New dark theme for Scheduling

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