Smart HTML Elements v10.0.0

Adds support for Gantt chart virtualization.
August 17, 2021 - 15:34
New Version


  • Added support for Gantt chart virtualization, this allows you to load thousands of tasks in a Gantt file.
  • Updated and changed Gantt chart API, added additional methods, properties and events.
  • Added Kanban column reordering and editing.
  • Added the ability to dynamically add tasks (with UI) to Kanban.
  • Added Dynamic Tags in the Kanban edit dialog.
  • Added new Kanban Column Menu which allows you to collapse, edit and remove columns.
  • Added support for Grid Filter Menu rendering. Added filter options display icons in the popup and a match-case option.
  • Added support for Grid virtual scroll rendering, updated the UI visualization while scrolling.
  • Updated Grid API. Additional event details, methods and properties are now available.
  • Updated Scheduler Timeline Week view. Added the option to hide the hours in the timeline week view.
  • Gantt chart sorting and filtering API has been changed.
Gantt chart virtualization

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