Altova MapForce Enterprise Edition 2022

Adds support for NoSQL databases, copy all connections for JSON structures and support for Windows 11.
October 27, 2021 - 16:04
New Version


  • Support for NoSQL databases - Added native support for MongoDB and Apache CouchDB, two of the most popular NoSQL databases.
    • MongoDB and CouchDB store data in BSON (binary JSON) and JSON documents, respectively. For mapping in MapForce, a schema is required. Users can either point to an existing JSON Schema for the NoSQL collections being mapped or have MapForce auto-generate a JSON Schema based on all or a selection of the documents in the NoSQL collection being mapped.
  • Support for Microsoft Windows 11 - MapForce now supports running on Windows 11.
  • Variables based on JSON Schema - The variables component now also supports variables based on JSON Schema.
  • Copy all connections for JSON structures - The copy all connections feature lets you automatically map data between complex structures (i.e., nodes with child items) that are similar or the same. With this release auto connecting matching child items also works for JSON data structures.
  • Support for additional EDI versions - MapForce supports data mapping and conversion for numerous EDI standards, with updated version support for the following:
    • EDIFACT 2020B and 2021A.
    • SWIFT 2021.
  • Support for additional database versions - MapForce now supports the latest versions of the following databases in addition to previous versions:
    • IBM DB2 11.5.
    • MySQL 8.0.25.
    • PostgreSQL 13.
    • SQLite 3.35.5.
  • Integration with the newest versions of Eclipse - Added support for Eclipse 4.19, 4.20 and 4.21.
Automatically map data between complex structures.

Altova MapForce Enterprise Edition

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