ExpressQuantumPack 21.1.7

Improves Spreadsheet, Skins and QuantumTreeList controls.
November 29, 2021
New Version


  • All VCL products
    • Certain standard VCL controls scale incorrectly at runtime when placed on a form inherited from the TdxForm or TdxCustomForm class in an application built with Embarcadero RAD Studio 11 Alexandria.
  • ExpressDocking Library
    • Controls update their position with a delay on a sizable dock panel if the docking manager's ResizeStyle property is set to drsUpdate.
  • ExpressEditors Library
    • TcxButtonEdit does not apply skin settings to paint a disabled button's caption.
    • TdxShellBreadcrumbEdit - An AV occurs if the SelectedPath property value includes a folder that is removed from the system.
  • ExpressLayout Control
    • The Undo user command and the LoadFrom~ methods clear the captions of layout items created in code.
  • ExpressLibrary
    • SVG Images - A "polyline" element's stroke value is calculated incorrectly if the "stroke" attribute is unspecified for the element or set as transparent.
    • An application freezes on parsing an XML document whose node tag includes one or more spaces before the right angle bracket.
    • An AV occurs during a cxStrToDateTime function call if the function accepts an empty string as a source value and True as the AUseOLEDateFormat parameter.
  • ExpressQuantumGrid Suite
    • Table and Banded Table Views - Master-Detail - An AV occurs when removing all detail rows that belong to the expanded master row if the master grid level's Options.TableForEmptyDetails property is set to False.
  • ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite
    • Scrollbars do not update their states when a user rotates the mouse wheel to scroll content.
    • TcxDBTreeList - The "Stack overflow" exception occurs on assigning True to the bound dataset's Active property if this dataset is empty.
  • ExpressSkins Library
    • The Microsoft Office2019DarkGray and Office2019White skins - The background color for the read-only editor state is incorrect.
    • The skin engine slowly paints a cached skin element that has no texture and is filled with a solid color.
  • ExpressSpreadSheet
    • Cell content stored as a plain text inline string is not loaded from an XLSX file.
    • The "Declaration terminated incorrectly" compiler error occurs for the s_PageControl constant from the dxSpreadSheetCore.hpp file if the project built with the Embarcadero C++Builder compiler includes the AlphaControls package.
    • The overloaded dxReferenceToString method does not simplify the resulting cell reference string if the reference includes the entire row/column in certain cases.


Add extensive grid, printing, layout and skinning functionality to your Delphi and C++Builder applications with this suite of components.

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